10 facts and stories about Brian Harman you would like to know

Brian Harman is one of the most famous golf players of today. He won the PGA Tour twice, earned $25,447,653 for his pro career, is #5 in FedEx Cup Ranking and #24 in World Golf Ranking, and so on. However, besides all his achievements, Brian is also a regular person.

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There are no people worldwide who can’t tell at least one exciting life story, and Brian Harman is no exception. From amateur to world-class professional, with many mistakes and victories, coincidences, and hard work, Brian has plenty of life events to discuss. Let’s learn about Harman, ten exciting stories, and unexpected facts about him and his life.

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From childhood to manhood, Brian is living in the same state in the USA

Brian was born in Savannah, Georgia, United States. He got his post-secondary education at the University of Georgia, and this University golf team was the first team in Brian’s amateur career. Brian got married near his home in St. Simons Island, Georgia. For now, he lives with his wife in Sea Island, Georgia. It seems that this state has a colossal meaning for Harman.

Fast fact: Brian even delay his marriage date for a month because of the football game between Georgia and Auburn. By the way, his wife, Kelly Van Slyke, is from Syracuse, New York.
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Once he played a tournament alone

It was the 2012 Players Championship. Harman was the first reserved and suddenly D.A.Points withdrew several minutes before his tee time. It was too late for Brian to join his partners Carl Pettersson and Robert Garrigus because they had already teed off. So, Brian had no rivals but still was a full player. Tournament officials were consulting with PGA to find a solution. As a result, Brian was allowed to tee off alone in the first round. Of course, he won that round; in the 2012 Players Championship in general, he finished T51.

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His father doesn’t like golf

Brian’s father, Eric Harman, isn’t golf fun, and he mentioned this several times in interviews. However, parents attend a lot of their son’s tournaments since 2015. They also were at the 2017 U.S. Open where Brian shared the 36-hole lead with Paul Casey, Hideki Matsuyama, and Tommy Fleetwood. He also held the solo 54-hole lead at 12-under before recording a final-round 72 at Erin Hills to finish T2. Eric Harman says that he would never attend any golf playing if his son wasn’t playing in it. Brian himself also notices that his father is not the best golf player — and it’s quite expected news.

Hunting, scuba diving, and fishing are three of Brian Harman’s hobbies outside the golf

Brian has been diving since childhood as all his family members are world-class scuba divers and spearfishers. The sportsman also likes hunting, especially he thrills with bow hunting. Brian often hunts with current PGA Tour pro, Patton Kizzire. His Instagram is full of photos from Brian’s hunts with killed wild animals like deers, pheasants, and turkeys.

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Brian made a proposal to Kelly Van Slyke during the turkey hunt

This story is close to the previous fact. During one of the hunts, Brian Harman made a proposal to Kelly merry him. He put Kelly’s engagement ring into the inside pocket of her new pants and filmed the course of events, so now the couple has a cute video about that day.

The two married eight months later the engagement in December 2014. Their marriage date is 12/13/14 and both of them confirm that this day was chosen by chance.

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Brian Harman is a father of two children

Two years after marriage Brian Harman and his wife Kelly Van Slyke welcomed their first child, the girl Copper Marie Harman who was born on 8th June 2016. The couple announced the birth of their second kid in 2019, three years later. Kelly gave birth to a charming boy named Walter. Currently, Brian’s children are 6 and 3 years old and from early childhood, they are big father funs. Brian says that Kelly with their children regularly attends his pieces of training and competitions.

Brian had a successful six-year amateur career

Indeed, it took six years for Brian to become a professional. Till that moment, he had quite a successful amateur career. One of his first standout victories was the 2003 US Junior Championship: for that moment he was only 18 years old. The next significant win Brian got in 2005 at the Players Amateur, and later that year he won the NCAA Preview. In 2007 Brian Harman finished #1 at the elite amateur tournament Porter Cup. This championship has been played since 1959 and hosted the biggest names and now Brian is one of the greatest winners of this tournament.

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Brian studied finance at the University

At the University of Georgia, Brian studied finance. However, he has never worked as a financier, because during his education he found out golf… and you know the continuation of this story.

It’s interesting that no one in Brian’s family ever was a sportsman. His mother, Nancy Harman, is a chemist, and his father, Eric Harman, is a Doctor of Medical Dentistry and owns a dental practice. Brian’s wife, Kelly, works as a radiation therapist at the Oncology center.

He is a left-handed PGA Tour player

Brian Harman is an ambidextrous and one of the few PGA Tour left-handed players. Fun fact: golf is the only thing he does with his left hand. In 2017 year, playing at the U.S. Open, he was seeking to become the first left-hander to win the U.S. Open, because it’s the only major championship without a left-handed winner.

By the way, in 2014 at the John Deere Classic, he was the first left-handed winner since Sam Adams in 1973. At the 2017 Wells Fargo Championship, he became the sixth left-handed player to capture multiple wins on the PGA TOUR.

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Brian lost confidence after becoming a professional player

Today, Brian Harman is among the most famous and successful golf players. Despite this, when Brian became professional in 2009, he lost his confidence. In the interview with Michael Bamberger for Golf.com, Harman mentioned, “It wasn’t like I lost my swing, but my confidence. And it’s taken me a long time to get it back. And I feel like I have.”